Ananias: Version 2.0 Released…on Steam!

Slashing Dragon held a big livestream/party on the Slashware Twitch channel last Thursday to celebrate the release of Ananias on Steam:

We started giving a quick explanation of what a roguelike is and what is Ananias. Then we went through the first year of development of the game, watched a gameplay video of the original 7DRL and went thru the first crowdfunding campaigns.

Then, in an explosive ceremony, the “Publish” button was clicked,  thus making the game available for people in Steam.

We continued checking the remaining two years of development, and then proceed to play the game with the audience’s character class of choice: The Shepherd. Along the party, other players shared the tombstones of their characters

Some of the announcements that were made:

  • The release on iOS which should happen next week.
  • Some hints about the Premium Edition, which will come packed in two 1.44MB disks and boxed with manual and some trinkets.
  • A potential restart of the production of Dumeril Sage statues.

So that’s a pretty big deal, I’d say. Congratulations to Slash on the long-in-coming Steam release. I’ve also been testing Ananias on iOS, and I look forward to being able to buy it from the App Store in the near future.