2016 Fan Project of the Year Vote Results

The results are in! According to the community of visitors to the Ultima Codex, the top three projects in the 2016 Fan Project of the Year poll are:

  1. The Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash, with 20.87% of the vote
  2. Dungeons of Chaos, with 18.6% of the vote
  3. And The Dark Unknown, with a single-vote advantage giving it 9.71% of the vote

As explained in Spam Spam Spam Humbug’s 66th episode, these projects have now been awarded points:

Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash

9 points

Dungeons of Chaos

6 points

The Dark Unknown

3 points

Now, I did attempt to find a set of judges, although I wasn’t able to finalize the list in time to make the January 25th goal I had set for myself. However, the following people have volunteered to be judges for the second part of the voting process:

  • Dan Keidl
  • Kevin Fishburne
  • Andrew Owen
  • John Gallo(?)
  • Dominik Reichardt
  • Richard Garriott(!)

If anyone else would like to step forward as a judge, please let me know by Friday of this week (which would be February 3rd). Judges will then have to deliver their votes to me by February 10th, in time for them to be read out on the Spam Spam Spam Humbug recording that evening. And during that recording, we’ll tally up all the points and reveal which project has emerged as the victor!

Finally, here are the complete poll results, just for good measure:

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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End date 31-01-2017 23:59:59
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What is Your Vote for the 2016 Ultima Fan Project of the Year?