Unknown Realm: Two Days Left on Kickstarter; Collector’s Edition and Tavern Sign Preview

There are less than 48 hours left in the Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, the game has earned $108,871 USD; according to Kicktraq, funding for the project has been increasing steadily for the last couple of weeks.

Stirring Dragon Games have announced a new stretch goal, which should actually be quite attainable at this point:

Tonight we’re revealing an intermediate stretch goal that will hopefully get your imagination flowing about one of the possibilities that will await you in Unknown Realm! At $115K we’ll unlock an Underwater City level – it won’t be an easy feat to discover this underwater city. Only the most persistent seekers will find it – those that do will be rewarded for their troubles. Let’s blast through and unlock this goal today!

They also released some details about the Collector’s Edition boxes and what will be in them. In that same update, Stirring Dragon Games also announced the way they planned to celebrate hitting the $100,000 USD fundraising milestone:

In honor of reaching the $100k mark for Unknown Realm, we are giving each one of our backers ($19 and above) two games for the price of one! This mystery bonus game is a never-before-released gag/parody game that Bruce made for friend and game industry hero, RJ Mical (of Amiga fame) for his birthday early last year. Currently there is only one person in the world who has a copy of this game besides us and that is RJ. We are releasing this game to you as a gift with his blessing.

Additionally, they recently gave us a look at how tavern signs will look in Unknown Realm; in that same update, they also went into some detail about how the game’s gold system works; there will evidently be an upper limit to the amount of gold the player can carry.

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  1. Stirring Dragon says:

    Thanks for posting this update! 🙂

    Also wanted to quickly mention something huge for PC game collectors! In addition to all the feelies, the Collector’s Edition Box comes with a DRM-Free CD-ROM game disc in a custom made 5.25″ floppy-style sleeve! You can read more about this and see pictures in the Collector’s Edition box link above.