Unknown Realm: The Final Hours; German Translation Stretch Goal

There are — as of this writing — less than fourteen hours remaining in the Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Kickstarter campaign, and Stirring Dragon Games have one more exciting bit of news…at least for those of you who have been clamouring for a German translation of the game:

The big news is that we’ve decided to go all-in on a German version of Unknown Realm! We’ve had countless requests for this and despite the technical challenges, it is really something we’ve always wanted to do from the beginning. We’ve been working out the logistics for this behind the scenes over the last few weeks and have a plan to make this happen.

If we reach the German version stretch goal, all backers Digital Knight ($34) and above, will have the option to also get a digital copy of the PC German version (available approximately 6 months after the release of the English version). This version will also include digital copies of the manuals translated into German. Once the English version is shipped, we will open up pre-orders for a limited run of a German version C64 cartridge + physical manual “bonus pack” that you can add to your English version Ziplock bag or Collector’s Edition box. We will release more details on this once we unlock that stretch goal.

Additionally, there will be post-Kickstarter crowdfunding, with reward tiers:

After doing our research and talking to other Kickstarter creators (especially Chris H.), we’ve decided to use Megafounder for late backers and PayPal pledges after the campaign is over. This will provide a platform for us to carry over some of our rewards and give backers who couldn’t pledge via Kickstarter a second chance.

We will not be carrying all the reward tiers over to Megafounder. At this point, our plan is to only keep the $34 Digital Knight tier, the $49 PC Ziplock Bag Edition and the $129 Collector’s Edition PC (until they sell out – once those are gone, that’s it!). There are currently only 34 C64 Collector’s Editions left. If these do not sell out tomorrow, we will put whatever is left up on Megafounder as well. Depending on what happens tomorrow,  we may also have a few in-game reward tiers available (while supplies last), but only with the PC Collector’s Edition option. If you want to make sure to get a C64 cart, now is your best chance!

Megafounder will also allow us to keep working towards our higher level stretch goals after this campaign is over, especially that Chris Huelsbeck Complete soundtrack!

If for some reason you haven’t yet pledged even a few dollars in support of Unknown Realm, now’s the time to do so. It would, I think, be awesome if the project were able to best Kicktraq’s current prediction: