Unknown Realm: Greenlit on Steam; Megafounder Campaign Ongoing

Stirring Dragon Games have posted some exciting news: Unknown Realm has been Greenlit by the Steam community, which means that in time we can look forward to seeing the game appear on Valve’s digital storefront.

We received some great news today! After about two weeks on Steam Greenlight, Unknown Realm has officially been Greenlit by the Steam Community! We are really excited to bring the first 8-bit RPG to Steam! We will also continue to pursue the GOG option when the time comes, but for now, we are excited to be approved on Steam and have the opportunity to bring something a little different to the audience there.

If you missed on the opportunity to back Unknown Realm when it was on Kickstarter, fret not! You can still back the project on Megafounder. It would seem that the funding total at Megafounder continues from where the Kickstarter total left off, so at present the project has raised $129,573 USD. The next stretch goal is the complete soundtrack by none other than Chris Huelsbeck; this will be reached should $150,000 USD be raised.