Unknown Realm: Fully Funded on Kickstarter; Stretch Goals Announced

Stirring Dragon Games celebrated some exciting news just before the new year: Unknown Realm crossed the 100% funding threshold on Kickstarter just before 2016 drew to a close.

Woot!! We’ve reached 101% of our base funding goal and over 600 backers! It’s been a crazy two weeks and there are still 18 days left! We’re so excited to reach this first big milestone and it’s all thanks to each and every one of you. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: we have the BEST backers. We love how pumped you are about Unknown Realm and we feel truly honored to have your support and encouragement.

And, of course, they’ve posted a few stretch goals:

We’ve posted our first two stretch goals! These will add some additional content to the game without expanding the scope of the project too much. You can check those out on the front page now! As we unlock these stretch goals – or, as we are able to coordinate with potential collaborators – we’ll unveil additional goals.

Also, due to popular request, they added — as of yesterday — a second reward tier for people who’d like the Commodore 64 “Ziplock” Bag Edition but missed out on grabbing it the first time around. This will eat into the number of C64 cartridges available as add-ons, however, so if you were contemplating upgrading your pledge with one of those…do so, soon.

If you’ve been following updates made to the Unknown Realm Kickstarter page, you no doubt took note of the two updates devoted to the character sheet the game features, which also gave us a look at how stats and skills will work in the game (Unknown Realm aims to be a classless RPG). Death and sailing were the focus of another, more recent update, as well.

As of this writing, Unknown Realm has raised $71,876 USD, and Kicktraq estimates that they’re on track to crest $100,000 USD.