Unknown Realm: Chris Huelsbeck Announced as Music Composer

Stirring Dragon Games has an exciting announcement (at least for those of you are are Commodore enthusiasts) in their latest Kickstarter update:

Today we’re thrilled to reveal that legendary C64 music composer, Chris Huelsbeck, is part of the Unknown Realm team! Yes, you heard that right: for the first time in over 25 years, Chris will be dusting off his Commodore 64 and returning to his roots to compose original music for Unknown Realm!

In case you don’t know who Chris Huelsbeck is, he is an award winning composer and sound designer best known for his work in the video games industry for over 30 years. At age 14 he acquired his first computer, and started programming and composing music on the beloved Commodore 64. He creates memorable music ranging from elaborate electronic compositions to full orchestral scores as well as many other music styles. Some of his credits include projects like the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series, Turrican, and Giana Sisters. His achievements also include 3 of the highest funded music Kickstarter campaigns in recent history.

As you already know, the PC version of Unknown Realm has the world’s first in-game “Hybrid Soundtrack” system, which will allow players to switch back and forth in real time between SID and modern music. Chris’s background makes him a perfect fit for a soundtrack like this and he will be creating both SID and modern versions of songs for Unknown Realm.

Of course, composers don’t tend to work for free. As such, a new stretch goal has been announced for Unknown Realm:

With this in mind, today we will be revealing a series of stretch goals that will hopefully get us to the point where we can bring this vision to life. If we reach the “Epic Soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck” stretch goal, Chris will be composing a complete soundtrack for Unknown Realm with both SID and modern versions of all original songs.

All backers Digital Knight ($34) and above will get a digital copy of this soundtrack, and all Collector’s Edition backers will receive a physical soundtrack CD included with their game box.

The exact amount of the Epic Soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck stretch goal hasn’t been revealed yet; there may be an update later today which addresses that point. As of this writing, Unknown Realm has raised $76,213 USD, and has twelve days left in its ongoing crowdfunding campaign. It’s worth noting, too, that since they have now exceeded the $75,000 USD mark, Stirring Dragon Games will be adding some additional tilesets — as well as seasonal effects — to the game.

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  1. This news is bigger than the project itself in my mind. Dude’s a fucking legend. Here’s one song of his (complete with anime bunnies; always important): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD-WE227W98 and a remix, coincidentally by the composer (Mordi) of the OST for Sylph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS6DaCGHqtE