Ultima Online Adding New Gameplay Resolutions for Classic Client, Wedding Packages, Vanity Pet (Unicorn)

January’s UO Newsletter brought with it quite a bit of news, along with December’s UO Newsletter.

The biggest change is coming in Publish 96, with an update on the size of the gameplay window. As you can see in the example above (Note: that is not to scale, but does show what the current 800×600 gameplay window looks like compared to 1280×720), the UO team is giving the Classic Client a major upgrade. What this means is that the while the items/players/monsters/etc. will still be at the same resolution, the gameplay window itself will be increased, allowing you to see more of the world.

The sizes mentioned are:

  • 1024×768
  • 1162×864
  • 1280×720

Whether there will be larger/different sizes remains to be seen, but still, 1280×720 is a huge jump, and something players who prefer the Classic Client have been asking for going back many years (the Enhanced Client doesn’t have the 800×600 restriction). As an example, there is an Ask & Answer from Ask and Answer – UO.com 2012 where the question is brought up:

Hello Mesanna and Dev Team, because of the all-time discussion about the UO graphics I like to ask if there are any plans for the 2D/Classic Client to get better a screen resolution? We still have 800×600 max, this is quite outdated for today’s games. (Medea, Ultima Online Bibliothek Forum)

Kyronix: There are draw issues associated with the world building when increasing the size of the client window in the 2D/Classic client. We’ve experimented with it, but unfortunately the results were not aesthetically pleasing. You can always come over to the dark side and switch to the EC….*evil grin*

There is also huge update on what will be included in the Wedding Package. While there are no screenshots (they are promised for February’s UO Newsletter), there is also information about what will be included in the Wedding Package, available for those who want to hold in-game weddings:

Basic Wedding Package

  • 1 Magical Botanical Archway Seed (Can be redeemed for one of three styles of botanical archways)
  • 6 cocktailtables – Round with a white table cloth and a hueable bow
  • 6 covered chairs – White with a hueable bow on the back
  • 20 folding chairs – White with a hueable bow
  • 10 tabletop bouqets – hueable
  • 4 standing bouquets – hueable
  • 2 fancy candelabras – silver-white with hueable candles
  • 2 regular candelabras – silver-white with hueable candles
  • 1 Magical Cake Batter (Can be redeemed for one of eight different cakes which can be engraved and hued)
  • 1 chocolate fountain – Animated and produces chocolate covered strawberries for your guests
  • 2 Magical Wedding Sewing Kits (Can be redeemed for a special bridal gown or tuxedo package, with corresponding engravable cake toppers)
  • 2 short buffettable deeds – white with a hueable bow
  • 1 long buffet table deed – white with a hueable bow

Additional Wedding Package
If you desire a larger wedding or just like these items for your guild meetings we are also adding an additonal Wedding Package that includes:

  • 4 cocktail tables
  • 4 covered chairs
  • 10 folding chairs
  • 6 tabletop bouqets
  • 2 standing bouquets
  • 1 fancy candelabras
  • 1 regular candelabras
  • 1 short buffet table deeds
  • 1 long buffet table deed

This month, we will see the addition of Lasher, the first vanity mount, as you can see in the image to the right. It will be available through the Ultima Store, and announced on UO.com. The January Newsletter has a story, Artemia’s Unicorn, written by EM Malachi, that introduces Lasher.

Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces:

  • We have added a Pet Branding tool that allows you to add text under the name of the pet in Blue, the tool will be sold in the in game store in an upcoming month.
  • The first pass of upgrades to Doom will be released on TC1 shortly. This first pass includes upgrades to Doom Artifacts. You can read about the new upgrades UO Changes and be sure to send us your feedback!
  • The next phase (of upgrades to Doom) will be upgrading the AIs of the Gauntlet Mini-bosses as well as adding new stealables. Be sure to check these out as they get released on TC1 in the early parts of 2017!
  • We are also adding new items to the Ultima Store. This month (November/December), we’ve added two styles of world tree tiles to decorate your houses with. We’ll also be adjusting the perspective of this and other circular tiles to better mesh with existing circular objects within the game world.
  • Would it be possible to add additional wall maps for the facets that do not currently have them? This is a great suggestion and we have added it to the backlog for a future publish so all facets can have wall maps similar to the Valley of Eodon!
  • Can a crystal portal be made that allows travel to Ilshenar & the Stygian Abyss? Look for these as future rewards!
  • Can we add more green tea vendors to Tokuno? This is an easy fix and will address it in a future publish.
  • Would it be possible to make a craftable wine rack? Excellent idea, we all want to display our cherished vintages!
  • Can crab traps be made easier to use? A revamp of some of the major systems of High Seas is something on our wish list, although it is not on the radar for this year as we have got some other exciting projects in the works!

As always, you can sign up for the newsletter at Ultima Online – UO.com

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