Titans of Ether: Ultima IX Redemption Landscape, Story, and Music Assets Released

The Titans of Ether have released a large archive of assets from the now-cancelled Ultima IX: Redemption remake project:

This is the release of a Morrowind mod the team did before Corven. So for all of you who are here for “Corven – Path of Redemption”, don’t be confused, this is not part of that game and it has nothing to do with the Unreal Engine. You can ignore this post without missing anything.

For all of you who ARE here because of the Morrowind mod UIX Redemption:

This is the 1,8 GB file with all of Britannia, all our models, all our music, the story file and a readme with instructions.

I also left the game start in (gypsy character creation and starting quest) and a few other NPCs and features. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s everything anyone needs to continue UIX development or create your own Ultima in Morrowind. If you do not try to create features Morrowind did not have you will have no problem finishing the game within a year. Everything beyond that is deleted because it would confuse most people (half implemented features/quests or features only present in the CS but not in the game…).

This however IS the promised landscape release and more!

You can use all our files without further permission. Continue to create UIX, use them in your own mod, whatever you like. This is our present to you. (more about the files in the readme).

Accompanying this, they’ve also published a lengthy explanation of the troubled history of the project, and the considerations that informed the decision to cancel it in favour of working on Corven – Path of Redemption. It’s far too lengthy and detailed to excerpt here, so I’ll suggest that you click on through and give it a read for yourself.

I’ve finally updated the Ultima IX: Redemption project entry to reflect the project’s cancellation. A link to the asset download can be found there, although at present this just points to the Titans of Ether website. I’ll add a proper mirror of their download to the Codex when I can, hopefully this evening.

3 Responses

  1. Corv Corv says:

    thanks for the news post WTF. Just to clarify: it’s not just the assets. Britannia is “playable”, meaning you can run around and discover it. The beginning is playable up till talking to the dying Margaretha for whom you need to create a potion first, just like it would have been in the final UIX.

  2. Awesome news. Something like CC0 unless previously licensed. Really cool to release the work.