Corven – Path of Redemption: New Team Members; Ultima 9 Isometric Screenshot Re-Created

Corv has posted an update to the Titans of Ether website announcing two new members of the Corven – Path of Redemption development team:

I wanted to create the prototype with as few people as possible to avoid any complications that come from managing a team. Now that we go into full production mode our team grows as planned. I am happy to announce our 2 newest members:

  • Patrig “Sicabol” Droumaguet will compose music for us. He is hard at work already and as soon as there are results I will post them for you.
  • Daniel Kiechl has gathered quite some experience with the Unreal Engine and will be helping with quest implementation and with testing

I am very very happy about our 2 new guys!

Over the next few months you will first get a few landscape updates and then game feature updates. First features will be the quest system, dialogue system and inventory system. Stay tuned!

He also posted the screenshot above, which is his Unreal Engine 4-based take on this well-known screenshot from Ultima 9’s development, back when the game was still slated to feature an isometric viewing angle.

6 Responses

  1. Clonemenace says:

    Completely off topic, but how does one register for the forums. WtfDragon, you and I had some camaraderie back in the gamespot days. Trying to get back in touch with you. I sometimes miss those crazy forum days.

  2. Mark says:

    Corv (I know you’re watching). Using the early U9 as an exemplar is a wonderful idea. Looks beautiful. One note though: real men don’t use perspective!

    • Corv Corv says:

      Don’t count on it, quite busy, but I do check in from time to time (if you REALLY want to reach me, there is the titans site). I honestly don’t get the perspective comment, color me stupid.