For The King: Holiday Beta Update

Shortly before the end of 2016, IronOak Games had some good news to offer those of you who’ve been sitting on troves of For The King screenshots and/or gameplay videos:

We’re…lifting the NDA so feel free to post or stream images and video from the game. There have been a bunch of great playthrough videos created by several backers and we’d love to start sharing those with everyone. We’d appreciate if you keep any discussion about bugs or potential spoilers to the Beta Forums however for obvious reasons.

Additionally, the game itself saw a significant update just before the close of the year:

V0.4 is now live on Steam and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback on this important update. There’s a bunch of new content and Act2 is fully unlocked now. This update adds more audio, new enemies, new loot, tons of balancing and a whole bunch of new proficiency abilities. Some of our favorite new additions are the Gambling Den along with the expanded Rogue Isles, and the Goblin Merchant. Check out the Beta Forums for a complete list of build notes.

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