Ultima 3 Upgrade: Version 3.2 Released (Now With Better Sound Effects!)

Voyager Dragon has, after a hiatus of about eighteen months, released a new update for the Ultima 3 Upgrade. Details, as per the Exodus Project website, are thus:

One of the most common requests I’ve received over the years has been for improved PC-speaker sound effects. I’ve now published Release 3.2 which contains this update. You can also check out the release notes or read more about the technical details of how it works.

For transparency, I started this project shortly after releasing v3.1 and had a working and tested driver, but hadn’t yet integrated it with the game. I had to put some extra crunch time in at work shortly after, and of course by the time I had the availabilty again my focus was elsewhere, thus the 2+ year gap. But I’ve had some renewed interest recently in getting this going again and wanted to get this wrapped up. I have a few ideas of other improvements to make, so I’m hoping I can put some time into them.

One wonders what other improvements Voyager will bring to Ultima 3 in the months (years?) to come. For now, though, the addition of enhanced sound effects is a welcome thing indeed.

For now, you’ll need to hit up the Exodus Project download page to grab the upgrade; I’ll update the project entry here this evening.