Another Podcast About the Virtue of Justice

Obviously, I publish the Byte-Sized Virtue episodes during Lent (the days leading up to Easter) and Advent (the days leading up to Christmas, also known as the last month or so), and in those I attempt to analyze one of the Eight Virtues of Ultima and relate it to real-world philosophy and theology.

But equally, I do so in a very roundabout way, in the context of a conversation that touches on the Virtue, but also wanders off into other related (sometimes tangentially related) areas.

One of the other podcasts I listen to — Catholic Bytes — just published a series of episodes on the Virtue of Justice. Obviously, they’re not tackling Ultima’s take on the Virtue; they’re addressing the theological virtue:

However, you may find that there’s some overlap between the theological virtue of Justice and the Virtue of Justice from Ultima lore. Certainly, I found it informative. So give it a listen; the episodes are short (in the ten minute range), and the priests and deacons that run the podcast tend to be jovial, engaging fellows.