GOG’s Monstrous Fall Sale Has Begun


GOG have kicked off their latest deals extravaganza — they’re calling it the Monstrous Fall Sale — as of yesterday:

The Monstrous Fall Sale – one of the grandest sales of this year – has begun! Join us for 10 days of new deals up to 90% off, free games to unlock, and surprises yet to come!

Start by grabbing Little Big Adventure 2 totally free to kick off your own monstrous adventure – just redeem through the banner on the front page. The giveaway will last for the first 48 hours, so be fast – that’s a true classic that you really shouldn’t miss.

But this is only the beginning – you can score even more free games during the Monstrous Fall Sale: participate in the fun, collect badges, and keep shopping to earn XP and unlock:

—Expeditions: Conquistador,


—Victor Vran

Every dollar spent gives you more XP (use your Wallet funds for an extra 10% boost) and you’ll find great combos throughout the sale — like Divinity: Original Sin 2 or Tyranny, which unlock all 3 free games right off the bat.

Twitch Plays is coming back and the GOG.com community will once again channel its inner farmer in two special Stardew Valley events that will grant everyone additional XP, if completed successfully on twitch.tv/GOGcom

You can learn more about the Sale’s mechanics and track your progress here.

I guess Halloween is observed a little differently in Poland?

At any rate, none of the Ultima games has come up on sale yet, but that’s probably just a matter of time. The sale will last until November 13th.