The Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash: Last Day to Pledge on Kickstarter


Okay, technically, there’s actually about a day and a half — 35 hours as of this writing — to contribute to the funding of the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash on Kickstarter. Still, that crowdfunding campaign ends on October 21st, which is tomorrow, so…close enough.

The campaign is doing quite well; it has exceeded its goal ($14,950 USD) and has raised (again, as of this writing) $21,601 USD. If you’re at all curious as to what the money will go toward, Gallara discussed that in an update on Kickstarter, complete with charty goodness:

Extra funds are, of course, being put toward stretch goals. Several of these have already been achieved:

  • UNLOCKED 10/17/16! $17,000 – The Avatar himself, JC Shakespeare who played the role of the Avatar in Ultima IX, will be joining us! He will offer free 15-minute “Counseling of the Avatar” sessions as he is a real-life counselor! JC will be at the party!
  • UNLOCKED 10/18/16! $18,000 – Free Schlotzsky’s/Cinnabon feast on Sunday (served in Disneyland Hotel picnic area) for all ticketholders and their children! If you haven’t included an add-on for this already, you don’t need to. If you have, thank you! Your add-on helps feed others in attendance.
  • UNLOCKED 10/18/16! $18,500 – Pizza picnic on Saturday (served in Disneyland Hotel picnic area) for everyone who attends! All you need is a Fellowship Hall ticket, or be 13 or younger and a child of one who has one, and you will get to partake of pizza.
  • UNLOCKED 10/19/16! $20,000 – Goody bags for everyone in attendance, all ticketholders and their children!

Further financial stretch goals are as follows:

  • $23,000 – Gourmet buffet dinner (served in Fellowship Hall) for everyone on Saturday night!
  • $25,000 – Gourmet breakfast for everyone on Saturday!
  • $27,000 – Everyone attending partakes of all fancy meals no matter what level they backed at!
  • Anything above that – prices of future tickets go way down & more loot for everyone!

And, of course, there are also some participatory stretch goals as well:

  • 100+ Ankhs claimed – The Ankh normally comes on a black leather cord, but once 100 ankhs are claimed a brown leather option opens up!
  • 150+ Stickers claimed – If this goal is reached (those pledging Wyrmling and above), everyone receiving a UDIC car sticker will get TWO – one in RUNIC!
  • 200+ backers – We’ll throw extra UDIC branded items in the shipments of those who are unable to attend and getting mailed their rewards!
  • 36+ Kids in attendance – every kid gets a free t-shirt! (Kids must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.)

So, even if you can’t make it out to Disneyland in February (I’m not sure I can), I’d encourage you to pledge to this campaign…both because you can still get some great UDIC-branded stuff, and because every little bit helps out pretty much everyone else — both attendees and those that can’t make it — in some way.

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  1. Ard Rí Sídhe Dragon says:

    Hear hear! We’re so close to 200 backers, I can almost taste it! 😉