Joe Garrity Talks About Arthurian Legends With the Big Box PC Game Collectors

This video, the most recent of the Big Box PC Game Collectors’ frequent Google+ Hangouts, features Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum discussing his archive of Point of Origin newsletters. Point of Origin was the internal newsletter at Origin Systems for a number of years; the issues thereof are chock-full of all kinds of interesting details and factoids:

The Origin Museum is in possession of every copy of Origin Systems internal newsletter “Point of Origin.” These newsletters have been scanned, and are currently available at at….

While discussing the newsletters, the topic of Origin Systems awards came up. The Origin Museum also has a few physical awards that Origin won. The details of these awards were an unsolved mystery, until the sleuths at the Big Box PC game Collectors were on the case!

At about 6:35, the good Mr. Garrity shows off a Point of Origin issue that references the cancellation of Arthurian Legends, the cancelled third entry in the Worlds of Ultima series. He also mentions that he was recently able — thanks to Sheri Graner Ray — able to unearth some of the design documents for the game, and that he has passed these along to the Ultima Codex.

Which is…true!

So, expect to see some of this stuff come out over the next week or so. And in the meantime, enjoy Joe’s analysis of some of the Point of Origin issues; there’s lots of neat stuff therein.