Crowfall UI Improvements & September Q&A

One of the things I love about Crowfall is their dedication to the User Interface. This week UX Design Lead Billy Garretsen showcased several upcoming user interface upgrades in a brand new video. Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Additionally, Crowfall Live! is returning to Twitch once again on Thursday, September 15th. At 10:00 AM CST, Game Designer Jonathan Pollard will discuss Crowfall’s spawner system, which allows the developers to place objects and NPCs, and explain how they are hooked up to the treasure tables. He’ll also offer a special sneak peak at revamped zombie AI.

At 1:00 PM CST, VFX Artist Greg “Mystery Greg” Tapper will walk viewers through the creation of Crowfall’s particle effects using PopcornFX in Unity.

Earlier this week there was also my favorite update videos, the monthly Q&A with Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director Todd Coleman. Watch this special anniversary video to learn the answers to these questions submitted by our backers:

  • How have the recent store changes affected my Stronghold Bundle?
  • Why are combo costs front-loaded?
  • Which campaigns are included in the soft launch?
  • What sort of restrictions do I face when building my Eternal Kingdom?
  • … And more!