Check Out This Awesome (And Massive) Ultima 5 Box Art Poster


Someone going by the handle Hex writes in:

A few years ago, I started a project to restore some old Ultima covers, and to try and make poster prints out of them. I lost most of the work I did after a hard drive crash and had to start again. I have not got too far, but having seen the recent Denis Loubet cover for Ultima 7, I thought I would try to put some of them out.

This is…the Ultima 5 poster. This is more a reconstruction than the original box art; I understand this is not for everyone. There may be more in the future, but again, there may not.


Well, here’s hoping that Hex does indeed continue to work on his reconstructions of Ultima box art; if his work with the Ultima 5 cover is anything to go by, he will be able to work wonders with the box art for other games in the series as well. And I’m sure that more than a few of you out there would love to have wall-sized prints of said artwork for your very own!

You can see a scaled-down version of the image Hex sent my way above; the full-sized version is available for download below.

Hex’s Ultima 5 Box Art Poster

A poster-sized re-creation of the Ultima 5 box art.

13 Responses

  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for doing this, Hex!

  2. Kevin (Animalvader Dragon) says:

    I would love these for the rest of the games…… especially 1,3,and 9

  3. Wulf der Sturm says:

    I would totally buy a U4 version.

  4. Odkin says:

    He’s on thin copyright ice just giving them away… he’ll get a nastygram from EA if he tries to sell them

  5. Stile Teckel says:

    Thank you Hex, much appreciated! I don’t know that I will get anything made with it due to know wall room left, but love knowing i have the option. Could make a nice blanket as well..

  6. Dave says:

    I was wondering about 2 months ago if there were any hi-res pictures of U4 or U5. Timing is a funny thing. I saw some Ultima posters in Richard Garriot’s office on the reviews of the games on
    Anyone know if Origin or EA ever made full size posters available?

    • Eric Kennedy says:

      They did- I’ve seen a fairly beat up version of the Ultima 5 poster appear on E-bay one time in having those items on my E-bay watch list for 15+ years. I’ve never seen the Ultima 4 one go on sale- which is too bad since that one is my favorite! Great work Hex on U5, and here’s hoping you do U4 next!

  7. By “reconstruction” I assume you mean an artistic copy of the original correct? If this is the case, I’m not sure you should have Denis Loubet’s name on it unless he requested that, you know, since he didn’t draw it. You should give him credit for the original somehow, but if this is a copy you made of it, then your name should be on it if any since you are the artist. I doubt Denis would want his name on a copy and that getting all over the internet as his original work! Just something to think about.

  8. Jack says:

    What size poster is idea for this file?

  9. Jack says:

    Thanks WtF Dragon!

  10. Keighn says:

    I too wish for the other boxes to be turned as well. I like the back of some of the boxes too (but without the words of course).

  11. Keighn says:

    Haha! Changed my Avatar. I’m not Smith.