Dungeons of Chaos: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, and Kickstarter Campaign


Volker Elzner has posted what could be called a postmortem — or perhaps retrospective — for Dungeons of Chaos on the game’s website. The Unity-based 2D RPG has been doing modestly well:

It has been almost 3 months since I launched the Unity edition of Dungeons of Chaos. About 10,000 sales, exactly 10,000 facebook likes on the page today, and about 400 ratings on Google and Apple store combined, average 4.8.

The entire article is well worth a read; Volker goes through several of the criteria that drove his creation of Dungeons of Chaos, and evaluates the level of success achieved (or not) for each of these.

He concludes thusly:

…I am very excited about what enjoyment people have gotten out of DoC so far. Was never thinking that someone would try and make a party of 6 druids and try to learn the unlock skill. Or farm elder dragons. Or reach the end of the chaos rift. Or reach a skill level of 130. People are enjoying it, and that makes me happy.

He has also launched a modest Kickstarter campaign — with a goal of $3,500 AUD — which “seeks to fund the expansion…from the basic ‘chapter 3’ storyline continuation, to many new features that are potentially developed.” Backer rewards include such things as the ability to vote on the order in which new features are added to the game ($5 AUD), access to map creation tools so as to submit an area map to an upcoming chapter of the game ($15 AUD), or even the opportunity to create your own shopkeeper NPC ($40 AUD).

At present, the campaign has raised $1,608 AUD toward its goal, and has 18 days left. Do consider supporting the game; it’s one of the best options out there at the moment for a good, old-school RPG experience on mobile.