Now for Sale: A Reliquary of Lord British’s Blood (And Some Shroud of the Avatar Stuff) (Updated!)


Akalaupdate: The reliquaries were pulled from eBay for some undisclosed reason; they are now available through Shroud of the Avatar’s Make a Difference store. Which, in turn, means that some percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each reliquary will be donated to an (as yet undisclosed) charity.

Original Article: If you’ve got a cool $5,000 $11,000 USD laying about, you can be the lucky(?) owner of one of six Lord British Blood Reliquary artworks by sculpture artist Steve Brudniak. Rock, Paper, Shotgun! reports:

Would you like to own a “Lord British Blood Reliquary” containing Richard Garriott’s actual blood? Now is your chance! The Tabula Rasa developer is selling artwork containing his blood for the low-low price of $5000 (around £3852)…alongside a selection of items from his new MMO, Shroud of the Avatar.

The item description says that, “The Lord British Blood Reliquary is a beautiful and unique piece of art made of bakelite, copper, nails, glass, and mirrored glass that can be hung on your wall.” I think I would worry that hanging this up would give Richard Garriott the ability to apparate into my house whenever he felt like it. I’d come downstairs at night and he’d be in my kitchen, fridge door open, drinking milk direct from the carton.

To prove this is real, the blood was drawn from Garriott during a livestream yesterday. “We are literally giving our blood to the playerbase,” he explained to the bemused looking nurse who had come to stick him with a needle. I hope this means that there will be sweat and tears containers for sale soon.

The asking price for each reliquary is, as mentioned above, $5,000 $11,000 USD. Each one also comes with a number of in-game (and therefore digital) items for Shroud of the Avatar, including:

  • Early Access to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Episode 1
  • Blood Fountain*
  • Blood Reliquary Home Decoration*
  • Option to have your Player Owned Town Water turn Blood Red*
  • Blood Elemental Pet*
  • /bloodrain emote*
  • Blood Red Lord British Cloak*
  • Tax Free Player Owned Town Castle Lot Deed*

…among many other rewards. Oh, and each reliquary also comes with an opportunity to visit Portalarium’s studio in Austin, Texas (travel costs, however, are not included).

What a time to be alive.

(Hat tip: Infinitron Dragon)