Dungeons of Chaos: Version 1.3.20 Released


Volker Elzner has released another update for Dungeons of Chaos, his retro RPG for Android and iOS. Major changes in version 1.3.20 of the game include:

– added auto fight action to switch sprint on and off. so that your rogues don’t get ahead of themselves.
– fixed an issue where sprinting was not just faster, but lightning fast. should not be that fast. Sprint is 35% faster than walking, plus 4% per skill level. skill level shortens cooldown so there is double effect if you raise it.
– made ember orc lairs smaller, as it appeared too dull
– fixed issues with the pub quest if you do things in the ‘wrong’ order
– fixed an issue where 2nd page of map spells would execute the 1st page’s

Additionally, on the game’s Facebook page, Volker has outlined what the development road map for Dungeons of Chaos currently looks like:

The following is what my immediate attention will be focussed on for the next week:
– fixing the castle tunnels. bit bland at present
– provide better loot value for sparta+. Will only do this for fights, not for treasure though. because treasure has not become harder and because of ease of scamming

The mid-term after that a few things I want to tackle:
– eliminating more memory consumers from the code
– making the fight area variable in terms of objects (trees) and floor cover. Will impact line of sight but not complete walk obstruction.
– adding magic rupture and ignite to the auto spell arsenal. Spells added need to have unlimited range else there are serious tactical and AI issues (so no ball of lightning on auto, sorry)

If all goes well I will then more and more start to make notes about chapter3: party captured in chaos plane etc. Please note I do want to keep expanding the game and story so you will never have full ‘closure’. Like a GoT book. May make it a kickstarter campaign so people can financially support this as they see fit and people can vote/influence what I include or not. I favour this over having a content expansion IAP. Because IAP.

If you want to follow the development of Dungeons of Chaos, might I suggest giving a Like to its Facebook page? Volker is another of those developers who very regularly posts development notes to Facebook.