Underworld Ascendant: New Art Lead; Vertical Slice


The latest Stygian Sentinel update from OtherSide Entertainment is something of a grab bag of Underworld Ascendant news and information. For example, the team have brought a new art lead on board:

We’re also proud to announce the latest addition to the Underworld Ascendant team, Art Lead Dax Procissi.

Dax recently wrapped a seven-year stint working on Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Infinite Crisis at Turbine, where he was the Senior Animator responsible for character animations and production art.

Dax’s responsibilities on Underworld Ascendant include modelling, animation, managing art pipelines, communicating with outsource artists, helping Art Director Nate Wells in art evaluation, and more. He’s also an avid gamer, skateboarder, and ping pong champ.

And of course there’s some mention made of Underworld Overlord, the previously-announced tower defense/god game OtherSide Entertainment is making exclusively for Google’s Daydream platform.

But the biggest piece of news, I think, is that the team are now working on the first vertical slice of the game:

We can finally focus on building The Stygian Abyss. Not just a slice or a corner, but one of the actual levels.

We decided for our Vertical Slice (aka “a section of the game that spotlights all major elements”), we’d focus on Level 2, our second smallest level.

Want a peek at some of the key locations that Level 2 will feature?

Here’s a one-line description of Marcaul:

“A Tangiers-like neutral zone, this settlement features areas that represent all three major Factions.”

We’d love to see what you pick up from just that simple sentence.

One wonders what the smallest level of the Abyss is, if the second level is second-smallest?