Spam Spam Spam Humbug: Episode 44 – Getting Out of the Box


Farewell PC Boxes: Battlefield 1 on PC Will Be Digital-Only – “Somewhere around the time that Valve’s Steam platform began to actually be good in 2007, my PC box collection stopped growing in size. Instead of heading to a retailer with my weight harness equipped, ready to rescue another box, I found remarkable convenience in simply clicking a few buttons and then waiting for a download to finish. The days of the physical PC box were numbered.

For the past few years PC game boxes have usually only contained a disc that prompts a download, and it’s really no different than purchasing the game digitally. Now, even the PC game box friendly franchise that is Battlefield is completely doing away with a physical existence. EA will only allow digital orders of Battlefield 1’s PC version. This is as close to an obituary for PC game boxes as you’re going to find.”

Though at least in the console realm, physical still seems to dominate: “Unlike the PC market where the majority of sales are now digital, the UK has seen physical maintain its high market share with console games but there are some signs that digital is getting larger and larger.”

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