Shroud of the Avatar – Cult of Spears Lore – Prologue and Chapter 1: An Arrival

When I initially created the Cult of Spears in 2014, I wanted to do something that rarely happens in communities.. give focus and love to one of the tech leads in a development team.  Typically founders of studios, heads of studios, producers, and sometimes even artists, get more love and attention from fans and communities in the video game industry.  Chris Spears is a cool guy with a good sense of humor.  I knew I had a chance to come up with something to counter what I knew would be a flood of those picking sides between Starr and Richard, as well as provide some good humor and fan lore.   I also wanted to create a group to counter Chaos and Order, but end up a twisted dark evil version of what they aspired to be.  Some members of the SotA community decided to attack me and it drove me away from doing stuff. Being doxxed as well as threats that got the police involved made the endeavor feel like a total waste of my time.  I wanted to give the community one last shot while doing writing that wasn’t journal articles on topics like the Invasion of Prague by their Allies in 1968.  I hope these stories bring smiles, engagement, and fun discussion.

A Divius looking into the stars


I find myself in the last of my days. Even though I have yet to complete what I set out to do, I find myself wanting to leave something behind. Something to leave a legacy. I have no children, no spouse, no family remaining, I wish to pass on the knowledge I have discovered so that others may continue my work. Enclosed in these pages are the stories I wish to pass on, so that future generations can complete the work that was started. May these words spread as the wind to all people of Novia as I have come to fear for their safety…

~Arrun of Toadwart Keep

Chapter 1 – An Arrival:
Before each dimension was formed into their own universe, before life itself existed on the worlds of each dimension, there existed in each Ancients. These beings, in their infinity, chose to explore the infinite dimensions forming worlds. Upon one world beings called, The Divius, were created to bring providence to the lesser beings the Ancients created to fill this new world with life. They were gifted with knowledge and power. And the Divius walked among their children, and mortal and immortal were as one. There was no difference between the mundane and the magical, and all creatures lived side by side in harmony.

With the Ancients gone and the Divius left to care for their world, pride and greed overtook them as they started to feel abandoned. Jealousies arose and new a new goal of reaching such power that they could ascend to be like the Ancients became an obsession. And so some of the Divius who were charged with providence chose side, risking total annihilation, for without free will, Chaos or Order could overtake and destroy all that existed.

It was then that magic came to be sought by the mortal races. Some saw the elements as the prime means for magic and power. They called forth and used the power of air, water, earth, and fire. They even called upon the power of the sun and moon, life and death, and even chaos. They used their magic as they willed despite those who fought that magic was a finite resource. There were also those that claimed there were many forms of magic beyond such a limited view, and only understanding and the pursuit of knowledge could unlock their secrets.

As each race held their own beliefs, so began the age of extinction, as races, tribes, and nations fought for power and supremacy. Some of Divius choose sides, other chose seclusion.  Balance and Providence no longer ruled. Change had come and the world, and it would never be the same.  The rise of chaos brought extinction and the lands being ripped asunder. An uneasy peace settled upon the lands as the wars became those of attrition, which took their toll on the victors that came dominate the lands. And so prosperity returned for a millennium, tribes had become nation states, and villages became cities. Many forgot about the Divius as nations and people felt betrayed or abandoned by those who promised to protect and care.

As I traveled the many lands of this world, stories similar to this can be found in ancient tombs and catacombs. Scrolls and tomes containing the founding of the world as recorded by the few stewards of history.  Altars to the Divius can be found cracked or in shambles.  Tales of magic beyond my skill and beings from other dimensions that came and left.  Some bringing an age of enlightenment only to leave destruction and chaos in their wake.  As one whom has lived a full life but failed to solve the mystery of my greatest friend, who is in fact from another world.  May the future chapters of these chronicles help you discover that which I have failed to.

Upcoming Chapter Teaser!

Chapter 2 – A Man So Fair:

…… “There is much honor in those of the Darkness, well is this known. Hear now the words of our mistress.
There is great need for the strength of unity. Let not the paths separate the people from that need. Go to
them, say unto them, Behold! We stand as one.”….

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