Mythic: The Final Walkthrough

Nick LaMartina, formerly the Audio Director at Mythic, posted a moving video to his YouTube profile on June 1st.

This hour-long video features Paul Barnett, who ended his time at Mythic as the General Manager thereof, narrating an extensive walkthrough of the entire studio…on the last full day of its operation. Along the way, we get to meet some of the developers who were still on hand, and of course we get to see the many artifacts of the various games that Mythic worked on…including some Ultima Online and Ultima Forever stuff.

It’s well worth the watch, if you have the time.

3 Responses

  1. Fenyx4 says:

    *hops in the Tardis and goes back to play more Ultima Forever*

  2. Kartman says:

    Great studio but It’s sad to watch.