Crowfall: Castle Siege Trailer

PC Gamer has posted a new trailer for Crowfall, which showcases some of the siege mechanics that are being built into the game. Which, by the way, went up the same day I received a press release from ArtCraft Entertainment about the Siege Perilous pre-alpha test:

Castle Sieging is all the rage in Crowfall, the “throne war simulator” game from ArtCraft Entertainment. Crowfall remains in pre-alpha testing stages and today ArtCraft released a trailer showing off a sampling of the siege and destruction warfare currently taking place in Crowfall.

In Pre-Alpha 2.0: Siege Perilous, participants split off as soldiers supporting Chaos or Order, either laying siege to or defending a castle. The castle destruction system allows players to tear down walls and topple towers with real-time server side physics.

“This is an incredibly exciting milestone for us,” said J. Todd Coleman, ArtCraft co-founder and Crowfall’s creative director. “Our previous tests centered on PvP combat, which is obviously critical to our game but not unique to the market. Our physics-based castle siege system marks the point where Crowfall starts to separate from the other games available in the market.”

The PC Gamer article gives a few more details about how the siege and PvP mechanics in the game will work, so it’s well worth clicking on through to check out. More details about sieges can also be found in an article on the Crowfall website.

Other recent Crowfall news includes a look at the Druid archetype’s powers and armour, as well as a look at some ranger armour ideas.

ArtCraft Entertainment also just posted some of their thoughts on taking Crowfall to international markets; those of you who a) are interested in the game and b) don’t live in the United States may want to give it a look.

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  1. jamesgoblin says:

    Just stumbled upon this on tumblr!? Always nice to see more people spreading the word (thou, frankly, that trailer was disasterish 🙂 )

  2. jamesgoblin says:

    Oh by the way, Crowfall will be published in Europe by Travian Games ( one of the sources with much more details, say – ). Travian will also “cover” Brasil, North Africa and Middle East.