Britannia Online: FM Towns Support

For those of you who either don’t remember it or were unaware of it, Britannia Online is another multiplayer/online remake of Ultima 6, being developed by a game designer at Ubisoft (he also worked at BioWare, some years ago). Britannia Online features a full implementation of the game’s day/night cycles, keyword-sensitive dialogue, and limited interactivity with containers and other objects.

Although gulbsoft has no plans to release Britannia Online publicly at this time, he did post a video recently which showcases the remake’s support for the FM Towns audio for Ultima 6:

If the .sam files are present on the client, it will now play voice over from the Towns FM version of Ultima VI.

It isn’t perfect yet as the dialog in the Towns FM version has some line changes (such as removal of the copy protection questions from Lord British), causing NPCs to utter wrong lines from time to time.

And yes, the source sound files (16 khz mono) are pretty hideous, I’m looking into preprocessing the sounds to filter out the noise / reduce the clipping.

The sound in the video is, admittedly, really rough; hopefully it can be cleaned up some.