Underworld Ascendant: Pre-Alpha Prototype Available For Backers


The pre-alpha prototype of Underworld Ascendant is now available to backers of the game:

Today, we’ve uploaded our new PRE-ALPHA PROTOTYPE for you to test out!
If you already purchased it, it will be uploaded to Steam this afternoon!
If you feel left out and want to take it for a spin:

Go to https://underworld-ascendant.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
Add “Prototype Access” to the cart and click check out
Enter the email address to use; I suggest the same used for Kickstarter or your OtherSide account
Wait until your payment is processed; this is not automatic so can take time (up to 1 week–poor producer does this manually)
Go back to backer kit and retrieve the account, and copy the code in the Digital Reward section. Paste that into Steam.

In it, you’re tasked with discovering what led an Underworld settlement to become overrun by undead. Four story tablets detailing the events are hidden in randomized locations throughout the level, such as inside chests, in sarcophagi, on raised platforms, or behind objects. Runestones (a required component in formulas for spells) and bonus gold bar collectables can also be found, sometimes in spots that require careful thought and skill to reach.

This area is infested with a band of fierce skeleton warriors, who you can battle with a longsword, stealthily evade, or devise other clever ways to deal with them. (Hint: Many objects in the world react to fire, air, earth, and plant spells, allowing for fun experimentation.)

While previous maps features blank, featureless walls and floors, the PRE-ALPHA PROTOTYPE shows progress on the game’s “Authored Look,” which attempts to recreate the look and feel of hand-sculpted fantasy miniatures and tabletop boards.

At the same time, it is an early work-in-progress. The visuals and audio will continue to improve steadily over the balance of this year. Current placeholder elements — such as the player model, the user interface for spell casting, and spell effects — will be greatly refined.

Its look and quality are in no way representative of the final game, so expect to see a few rough edges, but we hope you’ll like the direction it’s headed.

There are evidently a few issues with the prototype at this point, most notably a disappearing mouse cursor bug. Hopefully that gets patched out soon.

You can find complete notes on the prototype’s controls, as well as some spells that are available to players, in this forum post.

(Hat tip: Infinitron Dragon)