Shards Online: Version 0.3.3 Patch Notes


Citadel Studios have published patch notes for version 0.3.3 of Shards Online. It’s a pretty lengthy post, all things considered; this patch adds a number of new features to the game. So, for brevity, here are the details about the game’s clusters and fixed bugs:


  • WARNING: Clusters are currently unstable. We may switch Azure Sky back and forth between a cluster and a standalone map as we work to improve the stability over the next couple weeks.
  • To see if Azure Sky is configured as a cluster, look at the list of maps on the Server Details at login. If it only shows,
  • This should not affect your pre-alpha house or character data. If you experience any problems due to clusters please contact us on IRC or via email (

Bug Fixes:

  • Camera now zooms in much closer to the character
  • It is now much harder to kite monsters/animals. They will match your speed if they run faster than you. Also increased the run speed of most NPCs to match that of players. You will need to sprint to get away.
  • Major pathfinding improvements. Mobs should path through walls and other collision much less often now.
  • You can now only change your bind location from beds in your own house.
  • Splitting a stack of objects will no longer disappear in your pack
  • You now get more experience towards your crafting skill by crafting more difficult and higher quality items
  • Increased base player health (before stat modifications) from 200 to 270
  • Lower taming difficulty on most mobs
  • Pets no longer spam combat stance message to owner
  • Increase capacity of backpacks (50), chests (50), crates (50), pouches (50) and lockboxes (30)
  • Only one house per account now (does not affect existing houses)
  • All characters on an account are considered owners of a house
  • Guilds have been wiped to be replaced with the global guild system
  • Login and loading screens no longer reduce framerate when not active
  • Fix clicking on equipment in the character window

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