Byte-Sized Virtue: Season 2, Episode 6 – Love, Compassion, and Mercy

As this second season of Byte-Sized Virtue moves from the Lenten season into the Easter season, we will be switching the focus of episodes back to topics that relate, in some way, to the Eight Virtues (and Three Principles) of Ultima lore. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the Virtue of Compassion and the Principle of Love, joined this time by Chlorthos Dragon.

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In this episode, Chlorthos looks at a few examples of love that can be found in the Bible, especially in parables told by Jesus. Withstand the Fury, meanwhile, bemoans the inadequacy of the English language in describing the different forms of love that exist, and notes that the ideal of Love that Ultima espouses, especially as illustrated by its direct connection to the Virtue of Compassion, is very much in line with what in Greek philosophy would have been called agape, the highest form of love.