Grab All the Ultima Games On Sale at GOG This Weekend


This week, GOG’s Weekend Promo is what they are calling their EA Completionist Pack:

Are you on the hunt for some elusive Electronic Arts classics missing from your shelf, perchance? Well go ahead and grab the ones that got away or the whole EA Completionist Pack with a whopping 85% discount! But if you are still among the uninitiated, you can always take advantage of the enticing 60% discount on each game, to get your bEAutiful collection going.

Do you crave an epic, colourful story, crafted by beloved RPG gem-cutters BioWare? Welcome to the mystical, delightfully deadly Jade Empire, a place full of interesting quests, unique NPCs, and breathtaking environments where everybody is kung-fu fighting! And carefully arranging their skill trees like delicate bonsai.

Slashing down monsters for XP, gold, or sport is always a blast. But try to keep these unruly buggers in line as a visionary Dungeon Keeper and things are bound to get messy. Especially for the unsuspecting surface heroes who are about to have their lands taken from under their feet. Literally.

There are 42 great games waiting to be discovered in The EA Completionist Pack and you’ll want to catch’ em all! Complete your collection either by picking out the stragglers or in one fell swoop with that sweet 85% discount. But you can always take it slow and get 60% off the ones that caught your eye first.

That set of 42 games includes all of the Ultimas, and you can grab those packages for $2.39 USD each.