Check Out AvatarAcid’s Dark Path (From Serpent Isle) in Minecraft

AvatarAcid has put together a video showcasing his re-creation of Serpent Isle’s Dark Path in (what else?) Minecraft.

It’s a narrated video, and AvatarAcid offers up some interesting commentary on the Dark Path itself, the plot of Serpent Isle and the design considerations that led to the Path’s creation. He also notes that it’s the first instance of fast travel in an RPG that he can think of; would that be a correct statement?

At any rate, the level of detail evident in this creation is pretty impressive, as is usually the case when AvatarAcid hammers out something in Minecraft; he has some serious talent for manipulating the blocks.

Naturally, there’s now a project entry for this, whereat you can find downloads of a Minecraft world save and an MCEdit template.

3 Responses

  1. Infinitron says:

    Um, aren’t the moongates fast travel?

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      Look, it’s him saying it.

    • AvatarAcid AvatarAcid says:

      You are absolutely correct Infinitron! I just saw this article now and I was reading it and I immediately thought of Moon Gates and many other things like Mark/Recall in the Ultima universe alone and rolled my eyes at myself more than a little haha.

      I should have worded it a little differently, that was all just off the cuff. I believe what I meant to say is a fast travel system outside of the current world. Origin Systems had a knack for creating very interesting things. Moongates for example weren’t just, step here and go there, they relied on the moons. Likewise the Dark Path wasn’t just stand here go there. Every platform in the Overworld takes you to the Dark Path in the Void, where you then seek out another platform with its own specific Overworld coordinate location. I think that is pretty unique for the time in both that the fast travel system is outside the normal world and in how it was done.

      Then again, I had a thing for playing Ultima games and not much else. Funny that 🙂