Pix Ranks the Origin Games (55-41)


Origin historian Pix, inspired by this recent Spam Spam Spam Humbug podcast episode, has begun a countdown in which he intends to rank every single Origin Systems game, from his least favourite to his most favourite.

The new year seems like an appropriate time for drawing up lists so inspired by the Ultima Codex’s recent podcast ranking all the Ultima games, I thought I’d go one further and rank all of Origin’s games in order of preference. This list will of course be entirely from my perspective and I expect other people’s opinions to vary wildly from my own. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong. It doesn’t help that I only played some of these games for an hour or two, 7 or more years back so my memory of them is getting hazy. I’ll be including the pre-Origin Ultima games in the list but not including the UO games since I never played them and I’m also not including expansion packs.

Thus far, he has given us the 55th through 41st games on the list, which include (in order): Metal Morph, Escape From Mount Drash, Akalabeth, Windwalker, Wing Commander Academy, F-15, Longbow, Longbow 2, Ogre, Moebius, Ultima 8, Omega, Ultima 2, Bad Blood, and Pacific Strike. Much as was the case in the podcast episode, though, there are few games on this list that Pix genuinely dislikes; toward the end of the list, he notes that he is already well into games that he enjoyed playing.

This is the first post in what Pix intends to be a series with five entries.