Ultima 7: The Worst Underwear in an RPG?


Rock, Paper, Shotgun! does their thing, and their thing this week is an article detailing eleven examples of great and terrible underwear in video games. Entries on the list include The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, among others…and Ultima 7 ties with Dragon Age for the lowest score:

Surely there’s nothing to complain about in the greatest RPG of all time? You’d think, but here we are. You can bake bread, you can steal everything that’s not laid down, but will the Avatar deign to save the world in anything except their usual red-cape and armour combo? They will not, the suddenly prudish instrument of Lord British’s regime, whatever you do with the inventory screen. It’s everything, or nothing.

Literally, actually. During the second game, there is a point where the Avatar ends up having an out-of-clothes-experience courtesy of a horny mage, and as such if you’re playing with Exult, it’s just a matter of hitting Alt-N to begin an entirely naked quest. But that’s a cheat. It’s not the same. Ultima, you have let the world down, you have let your fans down, but mostly, you have let yourself down, and should feel bad about that.

Pants Rating: 1/10

I don’t get it, either. Nor do I get how the editors at RPS overlooked Legends of Valor:

Legends of Valour_4

That said, they did give Exult a shout-out, which is something.

(Hat tip: K.g. Orphanides)