Hearth of Britannia: HoBLotH III Date, Rules, and Event Page


Rustic Dragon has put up the official event page, at the Hearth of Britannia website, for the third HoBLotH event, Lifeblood of the Hearth. It begins — appropriately enough — with a…variation of the introductory text from Ultima 6:

Upon thy world, five seasons hath passed since thy triumphant homecoming from HoBLotH II. Thou hast traded the Avatar’s life of peril and adventure for the lonely serenity of a world at peace. But Netflix supermen cannot take the place of friends who died at thy side!

On thy mobile device, a notification rises and in moments the news is upon thee. Sprites of pixels lash the screen, conducting an unceasing crescendo of nostalgia. In a cataclysm of HTML and CSS, an ominous hyperlink strikes the display!

An event Tweet from The Hearth? Is this a sign from distant Britannia?

Thou dost bolt from thy chair, stumbling, running blindly to the computer. Onto the internet, down the Facebook page, through to The Hearth website, and to the event page.

The actual event schedule, meanwhile, is:

Wednesday – Sunday
June 1st – 5th, 2016
8:00 a.m. Wednesday – 4:00 p.m. Sunday CDT
(Exact hours subject to change)

Austin, TX / Buccaneer’s Den, Britannia

HoBLotH III: Lifeblood of the Hearth is a five day, four night live-action role-play event in the mythos of Ultima and Shroud of the Avatar. This event will create the experience of being in Britannia and New Britannia in the transitional years betwixt the Age of Armageddon and the first events in Shroud of the Avatar (with liberties taken and loopholes abused to allow the requisite flexibility for quests outside of this time period). With the exception of a few select Hearth run quests, all quests and activities will be designed and run by thee, the attendees!

Activities include feasting, questing, (safe) combat, puzzle solving, camping, singing, dancing, music, mayhem, and, of course, RABBLE!

Rustic Dragon has set up a complete event site, so do be sure to check out the cast of special guests, the menu, the event schedule, the quest framework, the combat primer, and theFAQ.

And, if you’re interested in attending, start saving now. The registration fee will be $100, and registrations will open…soon.