Crowfall: Collector’s Edition Announced; Character Creation; Gods/Goddesses and Mortals

For those of you who backed Crowfall in any capacity and were thinking of increasing your support for the game, the latest Founder’s Update has a bit of news that may be to your interest:

We’re excited to announce that within a week we’ll be offering pre-orders of our Collectors’ Edition game box! It will be available for $150 (a pre-sale discount off the retail price of $179) + shipping and taxes (depending on your location).

The rest of the Founder’s Update may be worth a read as well; ArtCraft Entertainment give some further details on their ongoing fundraising (via angel investors and suchlike), and they also discuss the likewise ongoing combat testing that is happening in the current pre-alpha release of the game.

There’s also a new video showing off the character creation sequence, as well as a second video offering a preview of the Hunger Dome arena mode. And, most recently, there’s a lore-focused update that discusses the role that the pantheon of gods in its universe will play in the storyline of Crowfall, as well as in its gameplay.

One of the goddesses in Crowfall’s pantheon — Gaia (on the left; she is dead, according to the game’s lore) — was revealed in the update linked above concerning the pantheon. The other two goddesses in the game’s story — Cybele and Yaga (you can probably guess which is which) — have also been revealed; the update about Cybele is here, and the update about Yaga is here.

Most recently (apart from the article about Yaga), there is a second Founder’s Update, which discusses ArtCraft Entertainment’s plans for more and larger game tests:

The testing process continues to go well! In the last two weeks we’ve been able to scale the test up from a few dozen players to a few hundred. From the outside, this part of the project can look a bit bumpy – the nature of scalability testing is that you keep adding players into the server until it collapses under load after which you fix whatever performance issues were gating you.

…and then you do that again. And again, and again, and again…

Going forward, you might notice that we occasionally need to host quick FLASH TESTS; these are unscheduled tests that occur (usually within normal work hours, Central time) to test a particular fix or feature. When we need to do a flash test, we will announce it on the forums and viaTwitter (@crowfallgame). If you see an announcement for a flash test and have time to participate, please do!

Finally, Crowfall’s crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing; they’re about 74% of the way to the next stretch goal, which will see a male option added to the Assassin archetype.