Divinity: Original Sin 2 Won’t Have Day/Night Cycles?

Apparently not, if commenter Thirith speaks true:

For those interested: I had a quick PM exchange with Larian, and there won’t be a day/night cycle in D:OS 2 either. Not a deciding factor, but something that would’ve got them closer to their self-avowed goal of making a worthy spiritual successor of Ultima VII.

I believe my only response to this is:

Or possibly:

For what it’s worth, I’ve not asked Thirith for any sort of proof that this conversation took place, and for what it’s worth Larian still have the Day & Night Cycle suggestion on their Game Ideas survey forum.

That said, one of the commenters there did explain in some detail just what level of work would be involved to fully implement NPC schedules (which Larian have said, in the past, that they’d want to include for sure if they did implement day/night cycles; having the latter without the former is, in their thinking, immersion-breaking), so I could see why Larian might once again choose to sidestep these features. I really hope they don’t, and I’d be disappointed if they did, but…I can see why they might.

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    WtF Dragon
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Won’t Have Day/Night Cycles?

    Apparently not.

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    Boolean Dragon
    Boolean Dragon

    That is sad and pathetic, and there is no excuse outside of laziness or incompetence. I say that from the perspective of one who has been programming games for 26 years, who has implemented a rather complex day/night cycle (full-year with lunar periods) in a 3D MMO and who has seen them in action since 1988. What makes it even worse is that they’re reusing their old engine, which leaves me with the opinion that they simply don’t give a shit and were blowing smoke up our asses with all their big talk about making it like Ultima VII. It’s not even going to be up to Ultima V’s standards apparently. Maybe they should go for a Dragon Quest clone. No day/night cycles and the NPCs stand in the same spot for all eternity saying things like, “We have no tomatoes”.

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    The following is just a copy&paste from my exchange with them, so it’s not proof as such, but it provides a bit more context:

    Not so much a question as simply a big good luck from me! I was a backer of the first game and one of three or four people who didn’t enjoy the end result that much (matter of different tastes more than anything else – I didn’t like the writing or the world all that much), but I love the passion you put into D:OS, the ideas and energy, and I wish you all the best and much success for this one.

    And if I hear that you’re likely to get even closer to the Ultima 7 ideal – for instance in terms of world building, day/night cycle etc. – I may still give in and give you my financial support as well. 😉

    Fingers crossed,


    Thanks so much for the kind words, Thirith, you’re very kind. We won’t be implementing day/night cycle just yet, but rest assured we’re investing heavily in our creative staff and are busy building an amazing world and extraordinary engaging characters to journey through it. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to win you over later on?

    I’m also disappointed, although for me the thing that’d be more important than the day/night cycle would be a coherent world that doesn’t just feel like discrete areas. At the same time, I think it’s unfair to say they’re being lazy; D:OS does so much more in terms of world interactivity than U7 ever did, and there are so many more parameters to take into consideration. That’s something that was much more basic in the Ultima games, and the complex interactions between various systems shouldn’t be underestimated.

    For me it simply boils down to this: while world interaction was an important part of making U7’s Britannia feel alive, for me it was always more about world building and characters, and in those respects I found D:OS lacking. They created a great game in many respects, but the things it was great at aren’t the things I look for most in RPGs.

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    Somehow those block quotes didn’t really work, did they? Anyway, the quoted bit goes from “Not so much a question…” (my message to Larian) to “… win you over later on?” (which ends Larian’s reply), just to make that clear.

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      WtF Dragon
      WtF Dragon

      It’s a bit weird, the CSS…the forum embeds that serve as comment forms for posts use different CSS than in the forum view proper, and certain things like blockquotes behave differently.

      I’ve put in a corrective bit of CSS, so the blockquote should be visible in both places.

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    So it’s just a glorified mod…

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    I get that adding day/night cycles and npc schedules would be a lot of work but that’s no excuse not to do it; especially considering other game developers have managed to pull it off over the years.

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