Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fully Funded In Under 12 Hours

I think those two tweets perfectly summarize Larian Studios’ joy and surprise at the fact that the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign reached and exceeded its fundraising goal in just half a day. (As of this writing, it has raised $659,616, whereas its initial goal was $500,000.) It’s also a testament to just how many people enjoyed Divinity: Original Sin, I think; this success is very clearly built upon the success and reputation of the first game in this series (and it’s certainly a very well-deserved success and reputation, at that).

Larian Studios haven’t announced any stretch goals as yet (after all, it has only been a day), and I wouldn’t be surprised if the project had already reached some of the stretch goal tiers by the time they do get a list up (if it hasn’t done so already). Indeed, Larian are so busy at the moment, they haven’t even had a chance to update the Divinity: Original Sin 2 website with news of the Kickstarter campaign’s launch.

Still, congratulations are in order for everyone at Larian Studios. They built a solid game with Original Sin, and it’s very apparent that people want to see a sequel to it.