Shroud of the Avatar Will Be at E3 (At the Razer Booth)

Portalarium have issued a press release concerning the Shroud of the Avatar display they will be putting on at E3. They’ll be at the Razer booth, apparently, and the game will be playable there:

AUSTIN, Texas, June 11, 2015 — Press and industry leaders will have a chance to explore the latest features in Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar™ at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) taking place June 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). The game developed by Garriott and Executive Producer Starr Long will be on display at the Razer booth located in West Hall #4800 of the LACC . Both Garriott and Long will be at the show to demonstrate the game’s latest features, including support for Razer’s Chroma peripherals.

Shroud of the Avatar (SotA), from Austin-based Portalarium®, is the spiritual successor to Garriott’s award winning Ultima series of games. It is also one of the top crowd funded video games ever, raising more than $6.5 million since launching the funding campaign in March of 2013.

The game is still in development, however pre-release versions are available now for backers to play. And the Shroud team provides monthly content updates to backers as the game moves closer to a “commercial” release expected later this year.

Those who drop by the Razer booth to see Shroud of the Avatar will get a chance to experience the very latest features in the game, including player owned towns (including a full open player vs. player town), an astrological system and calendar complete with celestial bodies that impact game systems, multiple community events (plays, Avatar radio station, PvP tournaments, player speeches and even hot tub parties) and much more.

Razer is helping with several in-game promotions for Shroud of the Avatar. One of the new items coming soon to the game is the Death Adder Cloak which bears the symbol of Min Liang Tang a respected citizen in Shroud of the Avatar (and the namesake of real life Razer founder, Min Liang Tang). It’s rumored that anyone wearing the cloak in Tang’s presence in SotA is rewarded. SotA is also using changing colors of Razer’s Chroma peripherals based on the game’s state and hint system.

“We are so grateful to our backers who continue to support us and provide source material for the game, like art and music,” said Garriott. “This is truly a community effort as our backers continue playing Shroud and providing us with valuable feedback each and every month. And with each passing week the game grows closer to what I dreamed it would be, a sandbox fantasy world, not unlike the games I created when I first started as a designer. I invite everyone who remembers those worlds we created to give Shroud of the Avatar a try.”

So if you’ll be attending E3 next week, be sure to stop by the Razer booth to check out Shroud of the Avatar and chat with the Portalarium team.