Matt Chat: Paul Neurath Discusses Looking Glass With Matt Barton

This is the second — and apparently final — part of Matt Barton’s interview with Paul Neurath.

I’m back this week with the second half of my interview with Paul Neurath of Otherside Entertainment. In this segment, we chat a bit more about Ultima Underworld before moving on to other games, including Flight Unlimited, System Shock, Thief, and more. Paul also responds to some questions submitted by viewers.

Infinitron Dragon, at the RPG Codex, further explains what is discussed:

Naturally, he spends some time talking about the Looking Glass classics, how they were ahead of their time, and why some of them (namely, the System Shock series and sci-fi tactical shooter Terra Nova) were commercial failures. Much of the interview is also spent discussing Paul’s lesser known pre-Looking Glass titles, most notably the Elite-inspired RPG/space sim hybrid Space Rogue that he designed, which went on to inspire Chris Roberts to create Wing Commander. Paul also talks a bit about Looking Glass’ other first game, John Madden Football ’93. Yes, you read that right. Apparently it brought in a lot of money!

This session is a bit longer — by a few minutes — than the previous one, and I’ll admit that I kind of share Infinitron’s sentiments as to what is discussed in it: it’s good, but there’s definitely the sense that there’s more Neurath could have said had there been a little more time for him to do so.