Denis Loubet Will Draw New Cover Art for Ultima 7

Denis Loubet held a vote on his Patreon page recently, asking his supporters what his next big art project should be. That poll has since concluded, and he shared its results on the forums here (as well as in a few other places):

A big thank you to my Patrons for their votes! 🙂

Here is the breakdown:
Ultima 7 Cover: 15
Ultima 2 Cover 14
Ultima Online Cover 0
Ultima Fiction Illustrations 9
Ultima Tableau Illustrations 14
Ultima Cover as Movie Poster 11
Generic Fantasy Characters 6
Wing Commander Portraits 8
WC/Ultima Crossover 10
WC/Ultima Cardboard Heroes 7

The winner is #1! A real cover for Ultima 7!

It’s interesting to note that everyone is apparently totally satisfied with the cover to Ultima Online, with 0 votes!

Now, what might a real cover for Ultima 7 entail? Well, we don’t know as yet, but here is how Loubet plans to go about creating it:

I will be quizzing Richard Garriott about what elements he would have wanted on the cover of The Black Gate if he had gone with an actual illustration. I’ll let you know what he says!

And here’s something for those of you who count yourself to be Wingnuts:

The high counts for the U2 cover and Tableau illustrations shows a high Ultima bias in my fans so far. But the Wing Commander contingent just needs a few more voting fans to make things more interesting! Scold your friends who aren’t already patrons!

Feel free to speculate as to what an appropriate new cover for Ultima 7 might be. For myself, I find it hard to imagine that the cover could really be improved; it’s just about perfect in its austerity as it is. But if Loubet were to, say produce a piece featuring ritualistic arrangement of candles common to all the murder scenes in the game, and covered the ground between them in blood, and placed the three generators in the middle of all that…that might be neat.

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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    Denis Loubet Will Draw New Cover Art for Ultima 7

    Denis Loubet will create new cover art for Ultima 7, per the wishes of his backers on Patreon.

    Read more…

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    I guess the true challenge will be to draw a cover that is “spoiler-free” as if it was a real game cover.

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    Boolean Dragon
    Boolean Dragon

    My vote is for something in the style of da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” with the Avatar at center surrounded by his/her party who are all in high chairs wearing bibs, crying for the Avatar to feed them. I am glad Ultima VII won though, as it’s “artwork” was pretty disappointing in that there was none. Sometimes making a “statement” isn’t worth it. | |

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    If the art is going to be in the spirit of what has come before it could be a scene with the Avatar, Batlin (as the Fellowship leader) and the Guardian in the background.

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    Micro Magic

    The Avatar throwing a magic axe boomerang style at some skeletons. The Avatar would be leaning against the kilrathi space shuttle breaking the third wall with stand of hay in his mouth winking at the player. Ok, I’m really bad at this.

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      Micro Magic

      Omg, how drunk was I when I wrote this? The Avatar is definitely going to break that third wall baby!

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        Boolean Dragon
        Boolean Dragon

        Don’t feel bad. I have the same problem but in reverse. When I’m drunk I’m extra careful not to say anything too crazy, but when I’m sober I generally let loose and get myself in trouble. The trick is to continually re-read what you’ve written, ask yourself, “Am I the only one who will think this is clever/funny,” and revise as necessary. Occasionally I just delete the whole damn thing and don’t post at all.

        I like your idea of cover art, but I think it’s the “fourth wall”, not third. Could be wrong…I think it’s a theater term to describe when an actor starts talking to the audience.

        Here’s an idea. Make it just like the original Ultima VII cover art, but white. | |

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        Micro Magic

        I guess he could break down the third wall and be addressing the writers and director.

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    Good point, Pascal (difficult name… hehehehe). A spoiler-free art or one that depicts details of the game?

    Ideas (brainstorming) and spoilers bellow:

    • An Ankh with a Fellowship medallion and blood on the floor
    • Murder scene
    • The Avatar wearing the Fellowship medallion and holding an Ankh
    • Astronomical alignment with Britannia in the Guardian’s hand
    • Britannian Eclipse or “solar” eclipse
    • The Black Gate with the Guardian’s finger breaking through it (with small cracks)


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    I think this cover art really has to include the evil EA, I mean… The three Generators in the background of whatever is happening on the cover 🙂

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