Denis Loubet Will Draw New Cover Art for Ultima 7

Denis Loubet held a vote on his Patreon page recently, asking his supporters what his next big art project should be. That poll has since concluded, and he shared its results on the forums here (as well as in a few other places):

A big thank you to my Patrons for their votes! 🙂

Here is the breakdown:
Ultima 7 Cover: 15
Ultima 2 Cover 14
Ultima Online Cover 0
Ultima Fiction Illustrations 9
Ultima Tableau Illustrations 14
Ultima Cover as Movie Poster 11
Generic Fantasy Characters 6
Wing Commander Portraits 8
WC/Ultima Crossover 10
WC/Ultima Cardboard Heroes 7

The winner is #1! A real cover for Ultima 7!

It’s interesting to note that everyone is apparently totally satisfied with the cover to Ultima Online, with 0 votes!

Now, what might a real cover for Ultima 7 entail? Well, we don’t know as yet, but here is how Loubet plans to go about creating it:

I will be quizzing Richard Garriott about what elements he would have wanted on the cover of The Black Gate if he had gone with an actual illustration. I’ll let you know what he says!

And here’s something for those of you who count yourself to be Wingnuts:

The high counts for the U2 cover and Tableau illustrations shows a high Ultima bias in my fans so far. But the Wing Commander contingent just needs a few more voting fans to make things more interesting! Scold your friends who aren’t already patrons!

Feel free to speculate as to what an appropriate new cover for Ultima 7 might be. For myself, I find it hard to imagine that the cover could really be improved; it’s just about perfect in its austerity as it is. But if Loubet were to, say produce a piece featuring ritualistic arrangement of candles common to all the murder scenes in the game, and covered the ground between them in blood, and placed the three generators in the middle of all that…that might be neat.