Richard Garriott Teaches Chris Roberts About Zero Gravity

So what happens when you put a former Origin Systems veteran who just happens to be making a massive space combat flight sim/online universe next to another former Origin Systems veteran who just happens to have significant personal experience with zero gravity environments and space?

Gamers Nexus spoke with industry legends Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts over the weekend, but I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the interview content.

That’s because the pair engaged in a lively discussion of zero gravity physics while the video crew was testing its camera setup, and the resulting chat was more interesting than most of the footage obtained, according to an off-camera commenter.

Give the video a watch. It is pretty amusing.

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  1. Poor Chris… Garriott could have simply told him, “You can change your orientation but not your position by flailing,” but he didn’t. Here’s another good video if you liked WtF’s here: