Richard Garriott Will Issue Ultima (and Shroud of the Avatar) Completion Certificates (Updated!)

So this is a pretty awesome thing:

You read that right; Richard Garriott will still issue a completion certificate to you if you follow through with the instruction at the end of most Ultima games and contact him concerning your feat. And he’ll also honour this for Shroud of the Avatar playthroughs.

So, for example, if you reach out to him via Twitter to announce that you’ve finished Ultima 6, he’ll reply to you on Twitter with an official congratulations from Lord British. And there’s more:

And because a few people have already asked…here’s where you can send that envelope:

Portalarium Inc.
#275 One Far West
3410 Far West Blvd.
Austin, TX 78731

And hopefully I didn’t just dox Portalarium there.

The First Age of Update: As has been noted in the comments, the certificates will be based on copies of original certificates (sort of like the one I got). But here’s official confirmation of that, anyway:

That being said…heck, I never did send in for an original Ultima 6 completion certificate, and I’m still floored that I have one now. The fact that it’s printed on card stock, and not on whatever fancy paper Origin used back in the day, matters not at all, in my book.

Revenge of the Update: Sergorn Dragon asked Richard Garriott for a bit of clarification on this, since not every Ultima game had a completion certificate:

So…if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Portalarium, Richard Garriott will send you a completion certificate for Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima 6, Ultima 7 (both The Black Gate and Serpent Isle), Ultima 8, Ultima Underworld (presumably), and the Ultima Trilogy (again, presumably). These certificates will be based on the original certificates for each respective game.

For those Ultima games that never had completion certificates, you will still get…something, perhaps a hand-written note. However, Richard Garriott did have something else to say with respect to this:

So…are there any enterprising fans who want to try their hand at crafting more ornate and elaborate certificates for those Ultima games that didn’t have completion certificates originally?

If any of you do make the effort to create a completion certificate, my suggestion would be to upload it somewhere — your own website, or to a service like imgur if you don’t have one — and then drop a link to it here; I can then bring it to Richard Garriott’s attention. Unless, of course, you’re on Twitter; then you can engage with him directly.

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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    Richard Garriott Will Issue Ultima (and Shroud of the Avatar) Completion Certificates (Updated!)

    Richard Garriott will send you a completion certificate for any Ultima game (or Shroud of the Avatar) if you report your feat to him.

    Read more…

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    What about if you live abroad? How do you include a stamped envelope ?

    What about a few USA dollars in the envelope?

    Any thoughts?

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      WtF Dragon
      WtF Dragon

      Well, the US Postal Service’s page on international postage has this to say:

      Need to ship internationally? Our range of cost-effective service options ship to more than 180 countries. You can even pay for postage and print your own shipping label and integrated customs form right from your own printer.

      I don’t have a USPS login myself, but it might be possible to print a shipping label for an envelope — and to pre-pay the postage for it — ahead of time, and then send it to Portalarium after affixing it to an envelope.

      Failing that, you can at least use the USPS website to get a quote, and then…yeah, why not enclose a few dollars?

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    Hmm. Don’t tempt me. <pops open Photoshop and looks on Amazon for a ream of certificate stock>

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    I hate to live in Brazil. How I can send a stamped envelope to another country ?
    And if I a found a way, I probably will never get the certificates, because our incredible postal service have a incredible way to lost our international mail.

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      WtF Dragon
      WtF Dragon

      See my comment, above.

      Failing that, Zygon had a pretty good idea: figure out what return postage to Brazil would be (USPS has a calculator) and enclose the cash in what you send to Portalarium.

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    This is hysterical. I didn’t see this tweet of his, but I completed Ultima Underworld for the first time a few days ago and tweeted that a screen at the end told me to contact Origin. I tweeted it to Garriott on March 2nd and he personally congratulated me. Totally worth it. Social media is a beautiful thing.

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