Power DOS: Another Way to Play Ultima on iOS

It would seem there’s now some competition in the area of DOS emulators for iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. Those of you who frequent the site should be familiar enough with iDOS, of course…but now, from a company called Power App GmbH, there is also an app called Power DOS available.

It’s still a DOSBox port…but at least at first glance, it seems rather more full-featured than iDOS:

This app now is troducing DOS for mobile devices. Not laptops, but phones. iPhone and iPad, to be precise. It is a perfect emulator of the DOS that so many games and applications in the 80’ies and 90’ies have been running on.

Win and Win95 were running on DOS, showing what a 16bit operating system is capable of. If sys ini, commanc.com, config.sys and .exe sound familiar to you, then this is the app for you.

You can navigate your files now with the Day Commander, play Minesweeper or have your Graphical Environment Manager with GEM 6.

The DOS is not just a CLI, it is a full fledged operating system. It does everything that the Ancient DOS did. It is capable of executing batch files or installing some of the game classics that never made it past DOS. It probably runs much better than the original DOS used to run on old PC’s, which were state of the art back then.

30 years is old enough to be called vintage, and it brings as much power as it did back then 😉 With this app you can get this vintage feeling on your iPhone or iPad.

▸ SoundCard emulation
▸ External Bluetooth Keyboard
▸ Disk Operating System
▸ Graphical Environment Manager 6
▸ Minesweeper
▸ Everything you would expect from DOS 😉

You can pick it up for $0.99 USD (or $1.19 CAD, as I see it), and I believe it’s available in most other Apple storefronts around the world (but do let us know if it isn’t available where you are!). I’ve not picked it up yet, and so I don’t have a tutorial written up concerning how to get Ultima 6 (or any other game) running in it…but I’ll make a note to do that soon. I would imagine that the process is not significantly different from the way you’d do it for iDOS, albeit it seems there’s no need to mess about with a play.bat file.