Crowfall: Kickstarter Campaign Finished; $1,766,205 Raised

The Crowfall Kickstarter campaign came to a conclusion last week; it raised $1,766,205 toward the development of the game. For their part, ArtCraft Entertainment seemed to go into blitz mode as the final 48 hours of the campaign began; they announced a bunch of new financial and backer count-related stretch goals — including a tournament system and combat-capable pets — and then added still yet more stretch goals as the final day of the campaign began.

And, incredibly, they managed to achieve every last goal:

Crowfall Stretch Goals (Final)

J. Todd Coleman was, for his part, more or less floored by the final result:

You guys already know that I’m not really a PR person. So, I hope you will excuse me for thanking you in the only way that I know how.



I can’t believe it. Between Kickstarter and our Paypal collection directly on, we raised just $1,783,796. from over 17,000 backers!

I feel dizzy. I need coffee. or maybe a nap.

That staggering last-minute surge means that, in the last 24 hours…

– We hit $1.5 million, unlocking the Infected rules and the Minotaur archetype (was that really yesterday morning?!)

– We unlocked the 15,500 backer All Father relic update,

– We passed $1.6 million, allowing us to build the Tournament system,

– We achieved the 17,000 backer goal, unlocking the Centaur relic, and

– We passed the $1.7 million mark, achieving the Combat Pets stretch goal!

Amazing… Unbelievable.

So, what happens next?

Now we get to work! We have a game to build. We refine the vision. We engage with you on the forums. We discuss our ideas (and mistakes) openly. We find the right solutions, together.

Now, if you backed Crowfall, you’ll probably want to check out — if you haven’t already — this article on the game’s Kickstarter page; it has something to do with reward redemption. Additionally, ArtCraft Entertainment have published a really quite excellent article that — in addition to offering backers of Crowfall another note of thanks — takes a look at some of the more notable Kickstater-funded games, and offers shouts out to a few that are currently in progress as well.

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    Crowfall: Kickstarter Campaign Finished; $1,766,205 Raised

    The Crowfall Kickstarter campaign came to its end last week, and was by all accounts a complete success for ArtCraft Entertainment.

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