Ultima IX Redemption: Britannia Heightmap and Web Update

We'll get downloads of this added to the Lycaeum right quick.

We’ll get downloads of this added to the Lycaeum right quick.

Corv has posted an update to the Titans of Ether website, in which he makes available downloads of a heightmap of Britannia exported from Ultima IX: Redemption.

I created a greyscale heightmap directly from our Ultima IX Redemption file for testing purposes and I thought some modders out there could use a Britannia heightmap too. So if you are cool with our interpretation of Britannia feel free to download it and use it for your project. I think it’s better than having to start from scratch.

For people who want to use Skyrim for their Ultima project I added the colored version you’ll need (it also has the necessary height offset to work fine in Skyrim).

You can see a very rough JPEG version to the right, which you should manifestly not use to create a model of Britannia in the 3D engine of your choosing. Instead, either download the greyscale BMP, or the coloured, height-adjusted version for import into Skyrim via the TESAnnwyn utility.

And if you want to see how this translates into an in-engine view, here’s the working map for Ultima IX: Redemption:


The beautiful continent. The croissant of joy.

Also, in case you have been having issues registering for the Redemption forums, Corv has figured that problem out as well:

I was made aware of the fact that you could not register on our forum anymore because the Anti-Spam Captcha broke. It is fixed and you can register again. But now you can also register directly on this blog and comment here if you don’t feel like using the forum (register button on the right site under “Meta”)

Of course, most of you here probably have had accounts on the Redemption forums for…what? Years?

Anyhow, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go converse with Browncoat Jayson as to the best place to host these heightmaps. My instinct is that they should go on The Digital Lycaeum, since they’re obviously a useful resource for any developer inclined to craft an adventure set in Britannia. But I suppose the argument could be made that they should go on the U9R project entry instead.

These…these are the things that keep me up at night.