Elderlands: Jason Ely Joins the Star Citizen Team

Jason Ely

Jason Ely posted an update to the Elderlands Facebook page today, offering an explanation of why there has been relatively little news from the project over the last week or so, and also announcing some exciting news:

Well I’ve been pretty silent for about a week now. I’d like to let everybody know that everything is going strong on a new version. I’ve had to move my focus to Admin tools and security. This has taken my time away from bug fixes and content. JillyBear has helps a great deal with the bug fixes this past week. And I’d like to thank the community for all the reports and patience.

A bit reason why I’ve been silent this past week is that I’ve changed my day job from Qualcomm to a game company called Cloud Imperium Games. They are making an amazing MMO called Star Citizen. Check it out, it is quite impressive. I’m their new senior network engineer and am loving every moment of the work. Last week was my first week on the job and I had a lot of ramping up to do.

Now that I’m in a good groove there I am able to put my normal time back into Elderlands in the evenings and weekends as I have been for the past two years.

I’ve heard everybody’s concerns about loot, pvp and content. The whole team which includes Notir, Rizla, Nathanael, Tonsafun, and JillyBear are fully focused on making an amazing experience for the whole community. You guys should remember to thank them. I sometimes feel they are tune unsung heroes of the game.

Amusingly, this should give him the opportunity to work with Tony Zurovec again. Cloud Imperium does seem to be snapping up quite a bit of ex-Origin talent, don’t they?

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Congrats and good luck. The idea of being a network engineer for Star Citizen would scare the shit out of me. Get thee back UDP packets!