The Dark Unknown: Save/Load System Work Beginning


Goldenflame Dragon has begun working on The Dark Unknown (of course he has), and has decided that adding a save/load system to the game is his next goal. Of course, it’s not quite that straightforward:

Been preparing to start in on the save/load system, and it turned out the first step was to redo a few other bits that were written a while ago and are not compatible with how I want to do saving. That’s hopefully mostly done now, and a bunch of little bugs were found and squashed. For example, NPCs on a map that is no longer in memory no longer keep trying to take their turns.

He also managed to squash a rather annoying bug recently:

Oh hey, I accidentally figured out why bandits could walk through mountains. Go me?

Or, if you prefer more detail:

You know how they say not to optimize too early in a project? A long time ago I had decided that since all terrain tiles are the same, they should just all be the same JS object, repeated all over the map. The hope was to save a considerable amount of memory vs having a thousand Grass objects. Then, years later, I decided to make _one_ mountain tile passable (naturally, as part of the progression to reach the Palace of the Skies, so this is yet _more_ errors that damn dungeon has caused me), and because I spend so much of my testing with my “move anywhere” cheat code on, it was a while before I noticed that since all mountains are the same object, they were actually all walkable now. As soon as I walked into one without the cheat on, I realized what the problem was, and fixed it promptly.

It’s always the little things…