Shards Online: New Dev Diary Video Details Recent Graphical Updates to the Game

Citadel Studios have released a new Dev Diary video (embedded above), which goes into detail about recent overhauls to the Shards Online’s graphics and UI. It’s not a particularly long video, so do give it a watch. I also took the liberty of grabbing a few screenshots to illustrate the changes.

Here, for example, are some images that put a timeline to the game’s look and feel:

And here are a couple direct comparisons:

This series of images, meanwhile, showcases the process by which the lighting and colouring of a scene would typically have been adjusted:

And finally, this image — I presume taken from the game in its current state — just looks grand:


If sandbox MMORPGs that support and encourage players to run their own shards with custom-built worlds and customized rulesets are your thing, and if you haven’t already backed Shards Online on Kickstarter…that is a thing you should consider doing.