Hearth of Britannia: David “Iolo” Watson Confirmed As a Guest


The guest list for the Hearth of Britannia’s HoBLotH II event continues to grow! Today, in an announcement on the Hearth’s Facebook page, Rustic Dragon confirmed that the master bard himself, David Watson (whom we also know as Iolo), will be one of the honoured guests:

David Watson, the real-life couterpart of the Virtue Companion Iolo Fitzown, will be joining us as well. Both in-game and Earth-based incarnations of Iolo being grandmaster bards, accomplished fencers, and professional crossbow makers. Iolo will train thee as well as provide music for all to enjoy!

Which other Companions of the Avatar, I wonder, can we expect to see turn up?

4 Responses

  1. I was really sad to miss last year’s event, but this year looks even better. I’m surprised more people haven’t RSVPed yet.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      The $200 admittance fee is probably serving as a bit of a barrier.


      • I was thinking the same, but paying for two nights of a hotel and dinner is $200 by itself. If you can stay there overnight Friday and Saturday and you get snacks and a dinner Saturday night, then you’re getting your money’s worth.

        And frankly, the fun LARP/puzzle activities and meeting the guests of honor is worth $200 by itself.

      • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

        You’re not wrong, but…it’s a basic human psychology thing. Put a price on it, even a price that’s a steal of a deal if you actually work out what costs you’d incur otherwise, and people will think twice before signing up. Especially if the first time was a freebie.